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Postby AlchemX » Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:46 am

Greetings Anonymous! this is a proposal to create an Op to help the small town of Weed in Northern California fight for its water rights from being sold by Roseburg Lumber to the Corporation CG Roxanne (Crystal Geyser).
The water is going to be bottled and shipped to Japan. *Full story below*

The corps are forcing the city to find there own water source after 50 years. As is they are now going to charge them 100k a year to use it and asking the town to get there own well, Which is 2 million dollars to create a source. These people are in need of some help. It looks like the corps are trying to strangle the town and take over. The town suffered from a huge fire 2 years ago and now the local lumber company is pulling this on them after they told them they would help rebuild the town. Somethings very fishy is going on. Details in the data drop...
http://www.seattletimes.com/nation-worl ... rnia-town/
http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/02/us/ca ... hasta.html

This corruption has started in the town of Mt Shasta, where CG Roxanne (Crystal Geyser) has made its home very recently. And it stated to teh public they oppose anyone who gets in there way basically.

CG Roxanne (crystal geyser) and a Pharm Corp from Japan are subversively getting involved in financially supporting local politics offering lots of money, and offering dream jobs for local small minds during a financial low time for the city in exchange to basically take control of the water, the towns most precious resource. The companies interest is to bottle it and sell it internationally. So they say. This water is a very important resource. Especially in these changing times. My thought is its becoming an outpost for FEMA water rations in case of Martial Law. This area is remote, alpine industrial and a good distance from any city. and sits in the center of the west coast. (No conspiracy just me looking a layer deeper based on whats happening in the world while this is happening at the same time)

So these folks are in desperate need of some real assistance in support of the cause. They have been working tirelessly to bring awareness to what is happening. The city of Mt Shasta where CG resides has been keeping the truth from the locals. Now they are taking the water of the neighboring town of Weed. I am working invisibly with the group of local activists on getting them prepared to get dirty.
I have posted a data drop for interested parties to check in to and see if this strikes a cord and want to help. Its a BIG DEAL as this water source is one of the cleanest water sources on the planet.
This water feeds all of California. The source goes all the way to Los Angeles.

Im here to support this cause w great vigor and if anyone is interested please hit me up. i am in the process of building them a secure domain & blog for posting the filthy grit anonymously so they can reshare the truth to their local networks wo exposing themselves. Also a secure drop to store stuff discretely. We run a host and are a small group of programmer/developers/designers but are in need of some hacktavists, analyst and writers to assist if anyone is interested. PM me for the details on the data drop address. Ideally if nothing else we can get some exposure on AnonHQ once an article is created so it can be presenced and the powers that be, know who they are dealing with. The goal is transparency so the people know what is happening. There is alot they are keeping from the locals and making huge decisions wo the consent of the people. Details on the plan of action is in the data drop.
All teh Best Fam and hope this finds those who hear the call. BLESS!

Heres teh groups that are fighting the good fight~ These are our peeps on the ground doing the grit work. they need us!

http://defendingwater.net/california/20 ... vironment/

:::UPDATES::: 2017 In Comments below
The latest on the issue involves Roseburg Lumber company pressing charges on local community for standing up for their rights.
Heres a link to whats happening. its coming down to the wire for this little town. The date is very soon
http://www.4-traders.com/INTERNATIONAL- ... -24971615/
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Re: #OpSaveTheWater

Postby AlchemX » Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:50 pm


This letter bellow went out from the results of the court hearing on December 7th. with Roseburg Lumber and the Citizens of Weed, Ca. (seems the town has won a partial victory and now is forcing disclosure for the corps)
Hello Friends of Mount Shasta, Weed and Planetary Water,
Many thanks to all of you who have held the vision of our success in court yesterday. Our amazing legal team of James Wheaton and Paul Clifford (The First Amendment.org <http://amendment.org/>) representing the WCWC ( Water for Citizens of Weed CA) convinced Judge Dixon that the Roseburg Forest Products' SLAPP suit violated our First Amendment rights to petition our government to protect Weed's water rights. This is a major victory for free speech, justice, truth and transparency.
Our WAWA (Weed Area Water Alliance) hearing had unexpectedly been postponed to December 7th, so our other stellar legal team Brian Danitz and Phil Gregory of Cotchett Pitre & McCarthy LLP (https://www.cpmlegal.com/ <https://www.cpmlegal.com/>)were present telephonically; Crystal Geyser Roxane's attorneys also attended remotely. Roseburg's legal team Barbara Brenner and Robin Baral (Churchwell White) were present in the courtroom for both cases.
In attorney Brian Danitz's words: “CG Roxane and Roseburg sought to withhold information about their use of water from Beaughan Springs from discovery and the Court ordered Roseburg to produce the documents under a Protective Order.” This is part of the discovery process and the case will continue with this important evidence now required to be submitted to the court.
Next after long presentations and thorough review of the documents submitted by all parties, Judge Dixon dismissed the SLAPP suit portion of the Roseburg Complaint. This removes any liability on the part of the Weed Nine, citizens who merely cared enough to actively participate in hearings and letter writing to protect the pristine Beaughan Springs water that Weed citizens have enjoyed for over 110 years. The water rights “quiet title” portion of the case will proceed as the City of Weed is now actively pursuing their rights in court with another legal team. Below I have included an excerpt from a FB posting by one of our WCWC members, Bruce Shoemaker of Weed.
At our celebration afterwards at Nature’s Kitchen in Yreka, one of the group said “it wasn't about Roseburg's filing the SLAPP suit for “quiet title” of the water. It was about quieting the citizens.”
This is democracy in action. Mount Shasta and her flowing waters have empowered us all to move forward with confidence and knowledge that this is the right thing to do~protecting our watershed for all beings and preserving the rights of nature and our communities both present and future.
Always in Gratitude,
Water Flows Free
Read Comments below for the rest of the email

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Re: #OpSaveTheWater

Postby AlchemX » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:45 am

Heres the rest of the email from above.
“In May of this year, I found myself, along with eight of my fellow citizens, being sued by Roseburg Forest Products just for speaking out against their attempt to take away our community's main source of water--all so that they could turn around and sell it to Crystal Geyser.”
“It is difficult, until you are in the middle of something like this, to understand how intimidating and scary it is to be named in a lawsuit by a huge company with lots of money to spend on lawyers and, in this case, acting in cahoots with an even bigger multinational corporation. While I personally have some experience with campaign work of this type, for many of my co-defendants this was the first time they had been active in anything like this. So it was a huge shock to have an eight-pound subpoena land on our doorsteps. When that happened last May there was a fear among many of us that we could end up being liable for huge legal penalties. One defendant mentioned to me his wife was worried they might lose their house. Despite this fear there was also an anger that we had been targeted just for speaking up and we decided to stick together and fight this for the sake of our community. At the time I wrote, "Roseburg Forest Products will rue the day they tried to intimidate our citizen group from peacefully working to protect our community's water. It's called a SLAPP suit (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) and it is illegal under California law."

“Today is the day Roseburg is most certainly regretting its ill-conceived and hasty action.The company just went down in an embarrassing defeat and left court badly bloodied in more ways than one. The presiding Siskiyou County judge ruled that our actions are protected speech under the US constitution, the California State Constitution and California’s anti-SLAPP statute.”
“What was really weird was that the Roseburg lawyer kept claiming that RFP wasn’t actually trying to get any financial penalties from the defendants—at the same time the judge had a motion from Roseburg right in front of her asking that we be responsible for all of Roseburg’s legal costs should we lose the case. It was bizarre—what lawyer tries to argue a point in court when the judge has a contradictory motion right in front of her from the same lawyer? “
“Roseburg has totally failed, their attempt to silence us has backfired and our community is more committed and united on this issue than ever. The legal battle to secure the water our community has relied on for over 100 years will be ongoing but legally it will be a battle between the City of Weed and Roseburg. Our group, the “Weed 9” no longer have to defend ourselves just for speaking out on an issue.”
“These tactics of big companies trying to intimidate people just for speaking out is on the increase all over the country. It's unethical and it needs to stop. In our case we were extremely fortunate to get access to a legal dream team of SLAPP and water rights experts. Not everybody is so fortunate.
Thanks to our legal team, our many supporters in the community and my co-defendants for an inspiring victory!”

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