Gang Stalking Target Here

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Gang Stalking Target Here

Postby StoicDummy » Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:19 pm

Hello, how are you?

Here is a story:

I am a Finnish gang stalking target for over a year now, I am constantly being harassed by the local community and beyond.
People recognize me even from 100km (over 60miles) away from my current hometown. And the local police are in it as well.
I cant even go to the local medical center and expect to be treated fairly. The forms of harassment are:
Stalking, Undermining, Following, Reporting my moves, Out-buying stuff that I was going to buy (I talk to myself...), Repeating publicly
what I spoke on the phone about or talked to myself about. Listening on my phone, hacking my smart phone (which I threw away),
Hacking my computer, Tapping my internet activity, Gathering around my apartment and saying undermining things about me out loud in a group (its a local parking outside my window), my landlord is in it as well as the apartment caretaker. They also know always when I am
online on steam and playing games, complete strangers recognize me in online games, people take photos of me where I travel, and talk
on the phone reporting my moves, sometimes they just listen in. I believe they have also hacked my car radio somehow.
A day does not go by without any of this happening, but I refuse to die! FUCK THEM! Fucking Lemmings.
Even their children are in it, mimicking my moves and doing all sorts of frantic behavior around me. These children are turning into
sociopaths and narcissists.

About me a little bit: Male, less than 30 yo. Contacted depression, PTSD and paranoia 6 years ago, family shuts me out completely; turns out parents are narcissist sociopaths, I myself had some narcissist traits that are void now (would take too much to explain),
I quit job some years later due to contacting asthma there, studied another profession, gang stalking starts 2nd year in, could not and cannot trust anyone, did not get help even once during these events, I also contacted social anxiety and bipolar (which has eased by now). I got my degree, and aced it, teachers had to give everyone in class scholarship rewards so that I was not the only one.
My class was full of narcissist people, fucking assholes every single one just like the teachers. Two of my classmates did a graduation speech which both were so different in "feel" than other classes (different professions), but the fucking lemming probably did not even notice. I am pretty smart, there I felt like a genius (well I am, compared to the commoners here anyway). Currently I am unemployed, I have plans though.

I always get a bunch of WAN ports appear in my "device"s on my computer, I had to start to look into privacy protection thanks to these
assholes, I just upgraded my firewall settings on the modem well see how that works. I wont say anything else here so that the wrong people wont get info about my protections, so pm me on that instead, I am already taking risks revealing the stuff that I already said.
I have a hunch that my ISP -provider is in it as well. I have not properly socialized with anyone for at least 4 years, and it probably shows.

Sorry its probably painful to read, and this is not even nearly everything. I just do not want to edit this post like 20 times.

What I am asking of you guys is, got any ideas to what more I could do?
I do have done stuff that I did not reveal here, so what you have in mind I might have already done, but feel free to contact anyway.

God bless you all, see you up there.
"Truth is ugly in the eyes of a liar."

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