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Anonymous Intelligence Agency

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Anonymous Intelligence Agency

The purpose of the AIA is to connect Anonymous members and internet users to the services of other intelligence agencies. Anonymous has millions of people, government agencies have millions of dollars. I do not believe we have to be enemies and I believe there is common ground to be had. The AIA was inspired in part by the efforts of ghostsec which works directly with the FBI providing them intelligence about ISIS members and activity.

The AIA has a much broader goal. We accept tips and reports from anything from animal abuse to terrorist activity. Too often I hear people say I have proof of a known pedophile, they come to Anonymous and say 'lets DDoS him or delete their twitter'. If you have evidence, why DDoS someone when you can take them off the streets altogether? Anonymous has the collective manpower to be an effective intelligence organization and make real world results.

How to Submit Information:

To submit a report to the Anonymous Intelligence Agency you have a few options. Most important is the information you would like to share.

Step 1: Take your time. Think about what it is you want to say, your reasons for reporting and what specifically is this report about? Be very detailed about the information and include full hyperlinks to corroborate your story.

- You can go to - Ghostbin is an extremely useful tool. This service allows people to transfer large amounts of text/information without the need for file sharing. This keeps you Anonymous and keeps everyone involved safer. To use the web site correctly go to - Once you have typed out the information click save in the top right corner. When you click click save this will change the url address from to something like - copy that new url address and post that hyperlink in the email provided or in reply to this post.

- You can take screen shots and save the hyperlinks. A screen shot take a picture of your computer screen as you are seeing it. This is helpful for example if you want to save something as proof or show other people what you are seeing or looking at. When people make reports to Anonymous screen shots as evidence are very effective tools. How to take/save screen shots on different devices:

Step 2: Once you have your information you are ready to go to the authorities. You can give them the information via the links provided below or you can leave the information for AIA to report for you. Report to AIA: [email protected]

or click on my name righteous and send me a pm with the information


International Reference List

MI5 | National UK Security - ... -form.html
MI6 | International UK Intelligence -
INTERPOL | International Police -
Royal Canadian Mounted Police | Canadian Intelligence -
RAW – India | Research and Analyst Wing -
FSS – Russia | Federal Secret Service -
ASIO – Australia | Australian Secret Intelligence Organization - ... hreat.html
DIS – Germany | Domestic Intelligence Service -
HIS – Homeland Security International Division -
Missing Children Hotline – National Center for Missing and Exploited Children -
ISI – Pakistan | Inter-Service Intelligence -
DGSE – France |France National Intelligence: ... on/contact
MOSSAD – Israel | Israel Secret Intelligence Service - ... eSupport=1
ICC – United Nations | International Criminal Court - ... ntact.aspx
SAPS – South Africa | South Africa Police Service -
NICA – Philippines | National Intelligence Coordinating Agency -
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