Flu season 2017

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Flu season 2017

Postby chippergirl57 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:51 pm

The flu season is upon us again,and doctors are urging us to take the flu vaccine,with special attention being given to the elderly and young children. Do your research people. This vaccine isn't effective like they say it is. There are lots of folk having bad reactions from having it!
My mom and dad got the vaccine 12 years ago and my dad got transverse myelitis from it and hasn't walked since then. There are lots of cases of small children and teens getting vaccines and developing transverse myelitis and dying. Not just from pneumonia/flu vaccines,but also childhood vaccinations. Know the chance you are taking when you put your trust in big pharma,like they want you to.
I hope to see more naturopathic doctors in the future,who encourage people to take good care of themselves with more natural remedies,and diet. The medical society has discouraged natural health and doctors holistic practitioners for years now.

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