Protest government abandonment of Safe Schools program

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Protest government abandonment of Safe Schools program

Postby Branded » Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:15 pm

The Australian government recently decided to abandon the safe schools program by defunding it. Safe schools was designed to provide anti bullying information and give gender diverse, sexuality diverse and questioning young people a safe place in which they could be educated and participate in school without being in constant fear or experiencing discrimination and bullying or being terrified and threatened by their peers. Safe school was intended to reduce rates of youth suicide. It was helping. In the government's decision to cease and defund this program they are saying that the lives of our LGBTIQ children are not worth defending. They are saying bullying is ok and that they won't do anything to stand up against it. This stance on the part of the government is intolerable and they must be made to revisit and revise this decision. Schools should be safe places of learning for everyone.

I urge you to take action via all social media and or organised protests. Share and repost in as many places as you can any and all articles criticising the government regarding this decision, sign petitions and protests, attend rallies at every opportunity. Add your voice to those calling for a safe learning environment where kids can be themself and learn without living in fear.

Rise up, speak loud, let the voice of anonymous be heard, we want safe schools. The lives of our diverse children depend on it.

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Re: Protest government abandonment of Safe Schools program

Postby Anon-Wolf » Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:25 am

I agree. Ill be watching how this unfolds and join in. Iv been after a rally in aussi that atually fight in the right way. Others hear in aussi are fight things for the wrong reason and distanced myself from.

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