Small isolated Australian Town - Utterly Corrupt Council - Urgently need a 'tune up'

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Small isolated Australian Town - Utterly Corrupt Council - Urgently need a 'tune up'

Postby Qiu-Chuji » Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:04 am

Hi waifs and strays,
This is a request to reveal the security holes in a Council IT system that is putting the livelihoods of people who don''t have the power or knowledge to understand and manage their exposure at genuine risk.

This matter is tiny in the global scale of things but for the residents of the small, isolated town of Cobar it is a matter of great importance. The council consists people who are agriculturalists and mine employees. They do their best but are forced to believe what the professional council management tell them because they don't really understand the Internet or anything else vaguely technological.

The management of the council are genuinely the most inept, corrupt and unethical people I have met with in my (rather long) life. Their list of ineptitude and dishonestly makes for amusing reading - if you don't live in Cobar.

A few highlights to brighten your day;
The General Manager just resigned and left town 2 hours later. That was less than 6 months after signing a new five year contract. Not a word has been spoken about it. I personally know the IT guy that had to remove kiddie porn and other tasteless stuff from this guy's account on their remote access server (yes... he is a clown as well as a villain). Of course it was never mentioned again. The IT guy resigned - or was he pushed? The said GM has also made countless seriously nasty sexual approaches many of the town's young women including his (then) girlfriend's 18 year old niece. He also delights in reducing honest young women council workers to tears for his own enjoyment. (Gary Woodman if anyone one wants to go after a bad man.)
The IT guy can't get any government or corporate work now in spite of the fact that he is the only person educating the town's local young people about computing in general and Internet services in particular. Many kids leave school unable to read and write to a level that will get them a job so he is undertaking a huge task.
Council engineering staff are routinely told to charge the Water Board for work that hasn't been done. In a place where water is a real problem ripping off the volunteer Water Board is a serious thing.
Their IT services are provided by a profoundly dishonest man whose only employee does not have a single fact about network computing. As a result everyone who needs more than user rights is a domain admin.
The bloke in charge of the money (Kym Miller) is deceptive, corrupt and immoral in the extreme. Space precludes me from detailing his destructive behaviour.

OK, so that's just the real world. However the security and IT in general is so bad that is putting every resident of Cobar Shire at risk of having their identity stolen, the details of their honest businesses and farms misused and the council network compromised in more ways than I can readily think of.

There are laws that define the security measures that must be taken but the council management has failed to even read them since 1999 when they were enacted. Unauthorised access to their Line of Business System requires nothing more than editing a text file - an old fashioned *.ini file. Too many good people are put at risk by this for me to do nothing. Reports have been written, ominous emails sent and their security problems have been explained until the few good actors are blue in the face but to no avail.

To be honest, the few IT people in the region could hack the to within an inch of it's miserable life but being so few they'd attract instant attention. I am hoping that some of my Anonymous friends might have a bit of fun exposing Cobar Shire Council's IT security for what it really is so that the truth is revealed and something is done to protect the good people of the Cobar Shire. There doesn't need to be anything destructive or nasty done, Just something that is public enough to reveal the truth to the Cobar people and other decent actors. However posting this stuff here means anything can happen. That is the bed they have made for themselves so they must lie in it.

If anyone feels like getting serious re: some really nasty public officials then Kym Miller and Gary Woodman - senior managers who are/where abusing their positions in the shire - would be worthy targets. Don't let my sensibilities stop you. Don't hurt the community please.

IP addresses, account details and anything else required for the party are available on request... more or less.

Have compassion,

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Re: Small isolated Australian Town - Utterly Corrupt Council - Urgently need a 'tune up'

Postby Teigen87 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:02 am

I guess you don't know Gary also has 2 adult children...and we don't think fondly of him either any ideas to where the grub disapeared to

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