Njord Law Firm

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Njord Law Firm

Postby WJgames » Fri Oct 20, 2017 6:38 pm

As some of you may know a Danish law firm (Njord Law Firm, https://www.njordlaw.com/) has started sending mail to people craving money (or take it to court) for dowloaded prirated material from mostly Thepiratebay and popcorn time.

How to they know it's you? They got the ip address from some internet providers in sweden!

So the thing is, I would like someone to take down this firm, more exaclly remove everything on there servers.

Why you might ask? I think they are entering you private information and destroying human rights as they can se exactly wish sites you vistits.

I can not do this by myself!

Thx from me!

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Re: Njord Law Firm

Postby maïa » Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:32 pm

Have you checked with your country's law to see if what they are doing is legal ? because if it's not that could be a legal way to take them down, beside if it's not legal you don't have to answer them and they will normally not take it up to court, something a bit similar happened to me with a debt collecting company who was asking for money for a loan that actually never existed, what they were doing was 100% illegal so I just never answered and I never heard back from them again, your cases is different but if it's not legal then maybe it could work
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