Decline of Anonymous -- Anonymous Pocket Theory

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Decline of Anonymous -- Anonymous Pocket Theory

Postby scribbler » Sun Jan 22, 2017 9:06 am

Anonymous, historically, has drawn its power from small, organically grown pockets, and these pockets associate with one another to form the Anonymous collective. The association of an individual to a pocket is natural-feeling, as the pocket was born of natural association between individuals, and the individuals are working towards a common goal. Now, however, the pockets have begun to lend themselves to a state of being inorganic; whether it's by making large amounts of money and becoming a corporation, growing until an inorganic hierarchy forms, or the members of the pocket no longer working toward a similar goal with the same passion that existed at the pocket's birth. This leaves Anonymous less flexible, in thinking, doing, communicating, etc., and also more vulnerable to cyberattacks, COINTELPRO, lack of focus, and the like.

Now how can we fix this?

In short, we must make sure every Anon has the skills and knowledge necessary for safely carrying out potent digital warfare (this need not be illlegal). Technical knowledge, the art of spreading information and getting people on your side, and how to stay anonymous online are just some of the things necessary for a well-rounded Anon. At the same time, we must also focus on creating organic pockets, both offline in our local cities as well as in online communities. The "organic-ifying" of inorganic pockets can be done, though it requires dedication on the part of everyone involved and an effort to maintain the organic nature of the pocket.

If we do this correctly, there will be many more organic pockets from which Anonymous can draw its power, and Anons will have more knowledge needed by Anonymous, making Anonymous stronger still.

Note: An inorganic pocket might be defined as having several of the following characteristics: 1. The average user feels detached from the "leaders" of the pocket, 2. The pocket could be described as impotent, 3. The pocket, had it not been formed, would likely not come about today merely on the basis of common goals, 4. The "leaders" abuse their power.

This is part of the #opexpansion campaign, which is an attempt to strengthen Anonymous and its geopolitical influence.
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